Thursday, 17 December 2009

Work In progress

Here's a couple of projects I'm working on at the moment. First is a cool big art doll of cernunnos. I like to bae a lot of my art around folklore and mythology, and cernunnos is a Pagan Celtic god. He's the horned god of the underworld but, in modern interpretations of Celtic culture, he's the guardian of the forests, the defender of the animal tuatha (tribes), the source of the deep forest wisdom, and the masculine half of creative energy.

At this stage I have built an armature from a load of old wire, and began to build up the head. by keeping the armature thin at the joints, he can be positioned and posed. I'm now waiting for some hair and eyes in the post, before I continue!

Another project I'm making in another junk-based puppet. He's a character with a steampunk/gothic feel, called 'The Chameberlain'. He's got a light up eye with a removable monacle, and a head that flies off to scare everyone! I'm thinking of putting little wings of the sides of his head too! He's nearly finished, so i'll post pictures when he's done, but here's a current work-in-progess picture:

Okay so he doesn't look too impressive in this shot! But I really like this guy.


  1. Looking very good! Both of them..

    Will the clay faces get hard or do you have to bake them..?

    After I finish up my current work, I will start on our project that will make us millions.!! hehe

  2. Hey thanks, they're on hold for christmas though. With some of the lay you bake it in the oven, the white kind is paper-clay, similar to paoer mache, which dries in the air. Looking forward to our project!

  3. Hi there! Found you in Twitter. I sculpt mythical creatures too...haven't sculpted anything for quite a while though. Anyways, love your work! :) Tracy