Thursday, 10 December 2009

Crow puppet

I've always loved the idea of bringing my art dolls to life by making puppets. I've made a few already with varied success. I've been toying with marionettes, rod puppets and a variety of different stringed puppets. The problem is that it's really a case of the simpler the better.

If you make a beautiful puppet, of a fairy for example, with clothing, hair, wings etc. chances are the movements won't be lifelike and the strings will get tangled. I also like to incorporate recycled items into my puppets as much as possible, which can hinder the freedom of movement depending on what I use. I guess the key is finding a balance between freedom of movement and the beauty of the puppet.

Some of the most beautiful puppets I have seen are simple and elegant. The movement can often say more than the detail and features of the puppet. Check out this site for example:

I especially love the Gandalf puppet from the hobbit. They don't seem to be restrained by proportions or details, using a combination of puppets, masks and real actors for a surreal but amazing performance.

Anyway, that gets me round to my latest puppet, a crow. I've just started to paint the head:

I still havn't figured out the actual  animation technique. I'll hopefully post some more of my finished puppets in the next few days.


  1. the crow is looking really good.. Pretty decent size as well..

    Wish I could make my dolls, but I can only paint them.. :/

  2. Hey, they're pretty easy to make. I usually use junk for the base, so old newspaper scrunched up etc, then just cover it with clay. It's pretty easy but takes a while.

  3. I'm excited to see the Crow finished! The head looks wonderful so far! ^_^

  4. Cool, I'll have to get him done now I've finished the christmas decorations. He's not really christmassy!