Wednesday, 23 December 2009

OWL work picture

This is my wip owl, designed for a plushie contest. It's the first time I've seriously used photoshop, and I think it's okay. It was hardest getting the fluffy effect, but I quite like it now.

I could use a few tips though. I'd like it to be a bit brighter and funkier, so any help appreciated! Let me know what you think.


  1. What a cute little guy...!!

    I could probably paint some stuff over this one to give a few tips or ideas for your next project.. Even tho he might not be as cute afterwards.. ;) I tend to be a little dark sometimes.. lol

    Let me know and I can just email you the pic when finished...?

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas man!

  2. Hey cool. To be honest I spent most of christmas in bed throwing up- nice! Hope yours was a bit better! Have a go at the owl and i'll post it on here, along with mine when it's done. Bet yours is better! (I'll email u this too Dietrix)