Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Cabinet of Curiosities

I haven't put any of my work up for sale for a while now, mostly due to health reasons, but I have loads of stuff finished and ready to sell online soon. I've been experimenting on making rooty creatures, which are great for practicing sculpting weird faces. I really like Dave Jones' carved faces: They've inspired me to try some different faces:)
I've also now got a "Cabinet of Curiosities" in a local art and craft shop called "Warehouse 13". Find them on Facebook:
This is a really cool shop, full of handmade art, crafts and fairtrade gifts. My stuff's so weird I'm not sure if I'll actually sell anything, but it'll be great to see what people make of it! I've filled a cabinet with magical creatures and stuff made from junk :)

I've also been commissioned  to make a giant centipede creature to display in the store. I'm thinking of making it multi-coloured version of the worm from Labyrinth! (Made from junk of course!)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The Emerald Hopper

This is the latest update from my website, with one of my newer creatures. I've been trying to think of a name for these creatures, because I've made quite a few, in different shapes and colours. So far I've got "fairy gobblers" or "Pond People".

I like the idea of giving them all individual species names, like Dragonflies; which have some really cool and eccentric names like the "Great Pondhawk", the "Dancing Jewel" and the "Yellow-faced Sprite"! So far I've got the "Emerald Hopper", the "Moss Gobbler", the "Thorny Blue" and the "Rainbow dazzler" Pictures to come!