Saturday, 7 November 2009

Star Wars; Return of the Sith

Just watched this movie for the first time and, whilst it was better than the other two recent Star Wars movies, it still failed to capture any of the original magic. As with Clone wars and Phantom Menace, there were certain moments that were good sci-fi action, but so much poor design and sell-out crap that it still felt like a let down.

The use of CGI in these movies is really astonishing, because they look completely fake compared to the originals. Yoda just doesn't look believable at all; he's basically a pixar character spouting terrible one-liners. Compare this to Wendy Frouds incredible puppet from the original and it really tells you where Lucas' head was at making these films; money and merchandise!

Basically what you get is a cross between a computer game and a toy commercial, with the odd good costume, bit of half decent acting or cool action scene delivering a few, much needed enjoyable moments.

...oh yes, and this is perhaps the most wooden actor of all time>

No sorry, I can't even look at his face anymore...

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