Friday, 6 November 2009

A guide to Guillermo Del Toro: PART 1

Guillermo Del Toro is a Spanish filmaker. He's also a genius and you should all bow down before him. From the supreme Pan's labyrinth to the horrifying Devil's Backbone, he has shown more creativity in the last few years than the rest of Hollywood put together.

As a huge fan I'll basically be updating this blog with some of his (many) new projects, including his books, producer roles, director roles and all the other stuff he seems to be involved with. But first, I'll give a quick guide to some of the Del Toro essentials that all fans of the Horror, fantasy, fairytale, surreal or maccabre should know.

Well to begin with here's a link to an exclusive first look clip of his latest production project: Splice!

Cool but DAMMIT now I want to know what happens next! ELSA put you're mask back on!
"The film, starring Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley, tells the story of two scientists who dare to tamper with animal and human DNA to create new life forms." A modern-day Frankenstein maybe?

Del Toro's first movie was Cronos in 1993, A $2 million dollar stylish take on the Vampire legend. He combines themes of vampirism, and temptations for eternal life, with the mechanical (steampunkish?)and typically unusual aesthetics. It's interesting, unique and engrossing whilst still maintaing the unusual attractions and slightly (okay very) sinister edge of a traditional vampire movie. It's wierd how drinking blood; addiction and longing for something taboo, can be used to help us relate to such an alien concept. I would advise anyone with even a slight interest in the unusual and maccabre, to get involved and watch this movie!