Saturday, 10 November 2012

Steampunk Game concept art and ideas

One of my latest strange projects, is an ideas for an arty steampunky board-game. I've always wanted to make a game, and I've been experimenting with different ideas for a while. It'll be an rpg/wargame but with fairly simple rules, to make it fun and easy to pick up and get started. The main idea is that it's a hand-made game, so all the pieces, rules, dice etc can be downloaded and printed out, then used to play! It'll have a scruffy style, using mixed-media to create the pieces and the overall appearence. Here are a few different ideas I've been thinking of for game-pieces...

The different factions in the game will have distinct themes and styles. So the above, Lovecraftian character with bright, eerie coloring would represent one faction, whilst the lantern-fish below would represent another, art nouveau inspired group. I'm having fun thinking up the names and character of each faction, and writing background stories to start the game.

So far it's just an idea and some doodles, but hopefully it'll come together soon; I'll eventually stick it on Etsy as a pdf file, once I get the rules properly sorted out!

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