Thursday, 1 July 2010

CathARTic art group

Started an online art group for people with M.E./cfs and similar fatigue related conditions. Please help promote it: Really important!

The group is based on facebook at the moment, though in the future I might make a website for it if it works. The ideas is to give people a place to chat and post artwork. If you have fatigue issues, one of the few expressive outlets is art, which for me when very ill, can be as simple as lying down and scribbling with some pastels. It's not about what you do or how it turns out, but the process itself.

In the future I plan to hold friendly local art sessions, in comfortable settings, possibly using meditations and visualisations, along with art therapy techniques. The ideas is to do something, easy, positive and fun which doesn't take and thought or energy.

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