Friday, 21 May 2010

Little pot beast

This is a little earthenware pinch pot I made. He's a cool little beast with horns and teeth! His tounge looks great too, all pink and shiny. Wouldn't mind making a load of these, all different shapes and colours, and having a little herd of em sat on my shelf. Check him out in my garden........

Probably not worth the fortune it cost me to do a clay modelling course, but still a pretty cool little guy. Also would mind doing a giant version of this dude to sit in my garden!


At the moment I'm working on putting together a craft stall, so far I got some owl art dolls, some cast sun and moon sculpted heads, crow art dolls, fluffboxes, greetings cards and more.... Okay so this probably doesn't make much sense to anyone, but I'll at least try to get some pictures up.


I'm trying to get a zazzle store set up too. This means you can buy greetings cards and stuff with my art dolls on. Some cartoons too, even if they only make sense to crazy peoiple like me:


  1. Oh and you keep your pot in him...

  2. I love the pot monster! It would be truly awesome to have a small herd of them knocking about my garden! ^-^

  3. Thanks :) I'm painting a green fairy at the moment: i.e. the Absinthe fairy!!! it reminded me of your blog, which is awesome BTW!

  4. I love your pinch pot creature!!! And I could see an army of them marching through the garden! LOL!

    Zazzle drive me into hallucinations at times!!! Trying to figure it out so good luck : )

    I can hardly wait to see your stall please take pictures!
    : ) Pattee

  5. COOl. I love your blog Pattee. I always check it to see what great work you're doing...